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LM.ME.JHHCMC_C10 JHHCMC CHW Training and Certification Program

Ended Apr 17, 2024

Full course description

Howard County General Hospital’s CHW Training Program is accredited by the Maryland Department of Health and will be held three times annually. The program is administered by HCGH’s Community Care Team (CCT).

The training consists over 100 hours of online and virtual real-time sessions that are completed within 14-15 weeks. This includes:

  • weekly modules with prerecorded learning which offers schedule flexibility.
  • weekly, discussion board posts online.
  • a 40-hour in person field practicum facilitated by the CCT at HCGH.  
  • a small number of learning activities via live video or in person with social and physical distancing observed.

The curriculum focuses on the required nine core competencies:

  • Advocacy and community capacity building skills
  • Effective oral and written communication skills
  • Cultural competency
  • Understanding of ethics and confidentiality issues
  • Knowledge of local resources and system navigation
  • Care coordination support skills
  • Teaching skills to promote healthy behavior change
  • Outreach methods and strategies
  • Understanding of public health concepts and health literacy

To receive certification, participants must complete all module activities, pass a knowledge assessment and complete a case study presentation.

Participants must be 18 years old or older and have earned a high school degree or GED. You are not required to have any prior health care training.