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Pain Rounds - A Neuromodulation Curriculum

Time limit: 180 days

$150 Enroll

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"Pain Rounds" is a video curriculum on the fundamentals of neuromodulation hosted by Dr. Shravani Durbhakula and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. The 28-video course features engaging interviews, problem-based learning, and interactive assessments with experts in the field of pain medicine. The curriculum is designed to fill a gap in provider education that is linked to the opioid crisis and to improve patient outcomes by fostering appropriate therapy utilization. "Pain Rounds" has been adopted by the majority of accredited pain fellowships and its research has shown significant increases in neuromodulation knowledge.

Dr. Durbhakula is a double board-certified interventional pain physician and anesthesiologist with a reputation as a clinician-educator and innovator. She has received awards for her work in education and curriculum design and is the National Director of Media for the American Academy of Pain Medicine and the Course Director of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine's Pain & Opioids Curriculum. The topics included in "Pain Rounds" were determined by a needs assessment of program directors, fellows, and medical societies to fill the need for a comprehensive curriculum. The course is open to anyone who wants to learn.

The course highlights the issue of under-preparation in pain medicine fellowships, particularly in the area of spinal cord stimulation. The absence of firm case numbers in the ACGME requirements has led to a lack of clarity in markers of proficiency. "Pain Rounds" seeks to address this issue and improve patient outcomes by reducing variabilities in pain education. Dr. Durbhakula takes a scientific and evidence-based approach to innovation and has funding from public and private partners to create and produce "Pain Rounds."